Let's Party!


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I love, love, LOVE tarot parties.  They are my favourite thing in the world.  Whether a Ladies' Night In, Bachelorette Party or Birthday party, having a tarot reader is always a hit.

I can customize my readings to your event.  With a selection of dozens of decks, I can provide family friendly decks for all ages, or even a naughty tarot deck for more rique events.  I can come in costume, when appropriate.

How Parties work

Typically, I am set up in an office or bedroom.  I can bring my own table and chairs, or I can use yours.  I usually see guests one at a time, and allow them to bring a friend, record, or take photos as they wish.  However, I am also comfortable doing a gallery style reading in front of everyone.


Parties start at $240, based on 8 people.  $30 for each additional person.  If there are fewer than 8 people, guests can divide the costs however they see fit, but I expect the host to top me up.

25% deposit is required for all parties at the time of booking.