#DoMagick April 2019 Day 4

Today’s deck is the Victorian Art Tarot, given to me by my wonderful friend Elissa years ago.

Today’s cards are

7 of Wands

3 of Swords (R)

10 of Wands (R)

I typically see the 7 of wands as a card about being sneaky, but in this case, I think it means “behind the scenes”.  When I moved to Burlington in December, the issue was that I had nowhere to read tarot, had no clients, and for a period of time, no website.  I’ve been on the fence.  Do I continue to market in London even though I won’t be here soon?  Do I start advertising in Hamilton even though I can’t do readings there yet?  Then I start asking myself what the point is, get discouraged, and go watch Netflix.  Since I have 6 weeks before I move again, now is the time to get the behind the scenes stuff in place for summer, start booking summer festivals, summer parties etc.

Now is also a time of healing.  I’ve been through a lot in the past year and it’s not over.  As I’m working behind the scenes in my business, I also need to be doing behind the scenes in my life, to dig deep and be ready for the next wave of upheaval.

I need to not take my burdens with me to a new city.  This isn’t just about a new physical location, because if I take the same person to a new physical location, I’ll get the same results.  This is the time to start getting new habits in place, so I am ready to rock once I unpack.  I have unburdened myself of most of my physical belongings.  I went from a 4 bedroom house, now going to a one bedroom apartment.  That’s hard.  But what has remained has made me freer.

So far this challenge, I haven’t pulled a single major arcana.  This means that the stuff I am doing is the little stuff.  The getting my ducks in a row stuff.  The big stuff is on it’s way.

(Phone in the car, so photo will be posted later)

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