#DoMagick April 2019 Day 2

Warning!  I am using my Decameron deck today.  This deck contains highly sexually explicit content.  And that’s why I like it.  It’s a hoot at bachelorette parties.

Today’s draw

High Priestess reversed


6 of wands

The correct path has been revealed to me.  I have a wall of post its of full of potential gigs and business ideas.  But… I just can’t get my ass in gear.  I go to bed every night excited for the next day, ready to wake up early and rock the day.  But I use poor judgement and oversleep.  And then half the day is gone.  And then I wake up and feel like garbage.  I get consumed with guilt and that guilt turns to shame.  And then the rest of my day is taken up with errands not related to my business (going to the pharmacy, getting my license renewed, getting an oil change, etc).   And I have to get my steps in.  And I have to meditate.  And I have to blog.  And I have to stretch.  And I have to journal.  When am I supposed to actually work on my business?  No one on the planet has as many stupid errands as I do.  I should hire an assistant.  Or I should get my ass out of bed in the morning and actually get shit done. Fuck, I feel so lazy.  I hate myself when I’m lazy.   But, I need to celebrate the accomplishments and not be overrun with shame when I do accidentally sleep in.  I need to reward myself with praise when I accomplish goals.

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