Is Tarot Evil?

This is a question that I get from time to time, or rather, this is an assumption that I get from time to time.  There seems to be this fear or tarot from those who know nothing about it. I would like to clear this misconception up, as well as create a resource to point those to when they make judgments that come from a place of fear and ignorance.

This fear seems to be common among those who follow imperialist monotheistic religions.  And I kinda get it.  In my teen years, I was involved in a fundamentalist Christian cult.  I suffered a great deal of brainwashing.  As much as I was told that we were all about love and acceptance, the behaviour that we were to exhibit was all about hate and judgement.  They assume that tarot is witchcraft, and that witchcraft is evil, therefore tarot is evil.  In retrospect, this belief is shocking.  The bible is chock full of examples of prophets, those who have been gifted knowledge that is used to help their god’s people.  I’m not saying that I, or anyone else who reads tarot, is a prophet, but I am saying that even withing their own beliefs, there are instances that are good and pure, where someone has knowledge and wisdom that cannot otherwise be explained.

Tarot is not synonymous with witchcraft, though tarot tends to be popular within neo-pagan culture.  In fact, the roots of what we know as tarot are most likely within the renaissance church (though some like to believe it’s much older, there is not much evidence to support that).  Tarot is brimming with religious iconography.  It’s far more associated with Christianity than it ever was with witchcraft.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I don’t force anyone to believe in tarot.  But the problem comes, when  someone uses their religion affiliation as a block to enlightenment.  In a professional setting, this becomes blatant discrimination.  I am practicing something based in Jungian psychology, and they are saying that because of their religion, that I can’t.  This has happened with online merchant services, being blocked from having a booth at certain events, or being made to feel unwelcome at networking events.

Let me tell you a story- a local woman runs a networking group.  She has quite a reputation with other local entrepreneurs of being untrustworthy from her past behaviour with an MLM.  I was warned about her several times about her, with others using the words snake, swindler and sneaky.  But, I believe that everyone is capable of redemption.  I judge people based on how they treat me, not on gossip.  I asked several times to meet with her to find out about her networking group, which has quite high membership fees.  She kept brushing me off- she was too busy.  She was just overall rude and disrespectful to me… until I sold my house.  Then, I had money, and she started courting me to pay her highest membership fee of almost $150 a month.  Now she had time for me.  But, I found it weird that she had never booked any of my services, or even liked my facebook page.  She was all about supporting members of her group, and women sticking together, and giving patronage to members.  I offered her a free reading so that she could get an idea of what I do and what I was about.  She stuttered and stammered.  She all the sudden was too busy again.  Then, I found out that she was telling others that my work was “of the devil”, and that she was talking to lawyers to get my entire industry blocked from her group… because of her religion.  I believe her intent was to get me to pay a year’s worth of membership, and then ban me because she didn’t understand what I did.  That’s low.  It’s too bad, because I could use my skills to do so much good with the other members of her group.  It’s discrimination.  It’s ignorance.  It is illegal, according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Everyone who reads tarot does so differently.  For me, there are no angels or spirits or demons.  Tarot is a way for me to connect with my client through the collective unconscious.  When I have a client in front of me, I see them- the true and higher self of my client.  I see them as beautiful with unlimited potential.  The cards I pull are archetypes to help them grow into an expression of their destiny.  There is an energy that flows between myself and my client which I can only describe as love.  When I am finished reading for a tarot for a client, I have this euphoric beautiful high.  It is the strongest connection that I can ever have with another human being.  It is the greatest gift that I can ever give.  It is Jungian psychology, not occult.  There is nothing bout evil or anti Christian about it.

Then what is tarot?  It’s ink on card stock.  It’s a language.  It’s beautiful artwork.  I would encourage you to do, is think independently and stop watching so many Hollywood movies.

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