#Domagick April 2019 Divination Day 1

Hey all,

Andrieh Vitimus’s 30 day challenge for this month is one that I can really sink my teeth into- divination.  Divination can probably be easiest summed up as fortune telling.  This is what I do for a living.  Awesome!  So I will be asking the question every day “What can I do today to grow my business?”.  I will pull 3 cards and interpret them as to the question.

So today… I am using the Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington.  I collect tarot decks, so I am going to use a different one every day.

I pulled the 7 of Arrows, 9 of Stones and King of Vessels

My interpretation:

1.)  Put up some better spiritual protection.  There are those out there trying to get ahead by malicious spell work.  I am certain that I know who.  I make an effort to be super supportive of my colleagues, especially when they are starting out.  I believe there is room for everyone, and that when we support each other, we end the stigma against tarot.  But there’s one individual who has been nasty to me since day 1.  She copied my pricing structure, and has even mirrored my advertising word for word.  She clearly sees me as a threat.  But really, she takes the gigs I turn down and she still has to rely on per minute hotlines, so yeah, not a threat to me.  I can’t be bothered getting involved in power struggles.  I rise above.  But this woman’s jealousy has gone too far.  She is a gnat who needs to be squashed.  Or maybe I should just get better repellent.  Yeah, I’ll do some magick tonight to repel any crap thrown my way.

2.)  Focus on what you want.  Put serious effort into what you want your goals to be.  Write them down.  If it is not inline with the life you want one year from now, pay it no mind.  Go into detail.

3.)  Seek advice from an older gentleman who is caring and wise.  This means book a reading.  My first thought was with Andrieh, though he’s far more a fiery type than a gentle vessel type.  But I’ll book it.  I need a little direction and clarity right now.

So my homework tonight is to

-do some protection/ bug repellent type magick

-make my goals clear by writing them down

-book a reading with Andrieh.

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