Fundraiser for Spirit’s Vet Bills

If you’ve had a reading in my home, you have no doubt met the intensely sweet Wondermutt- Spirit.  Spirit was a rescue, being left in a crate to starve on a Michigan farm many years ago.  However, she came to my home and was tucked into our lives.

Spirit is now 16, and has been, for the most part, blessed with good health.  However, as happens in old age, her mouth became badly infected, and she needed to have some teeth removed with emergency surgery.  The vet described her mouth as “a horror show”.  I could not put this off any longer.

At first, the vet was talking about a full mouth extraction, but said that she wouldn’t know until she actually got inside her mouth to have a look.  The estimated bill for the surgery was over $600.

Spirit had her surgery yesterday.  Luckily, she was able to retain some of her teeth.  She is resting for the most part today, but is eating and drinking, and going outside to do her business and sniff.  She is on three different medications and soft food for the next two weeks.

We were the fortunate recipients of a $100 donation from a local dog owner’s charity.  This helped a lot!  The total bill for the check up and the surgery came to $504, which was not budgeted for.  Therefore, I am having a tarot fundraiser to cover her bills.  Should any extra money be made above and beyond the cost of the vet bill, it will be donated back to the East Village Animal Hospital, so that other pet owners can access necessary funds.

Already, I have received one prepayment on a reading, and two other bookings this weekend.  This means that I still need to cover $294 in readings.  That would be more than covered by 4 1 hour readings, or 6 half hour readings.  If tarot is not your thing, please forward this blog entry on to others who may be interested.  Donations are also accepted.

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