House Cleansings and Blessings

It’s finally springtime, which for many means spring cleaning.  We clean out our closets, our attics and our clutter, but how much do we focus on spiritual cleaning?  When we think of the mind/ body/ spirit triad, practicing good spiritual hygiene is essential to our health.  

What is a house cleansing?

A house cleansing is a removal or old, stale or unwanted energy.  It leaves the home in a spiritually blank slate.  After cleansing, a blessing and protection is done to keep your home free of the unwanted energy returning, and allow your personal growth.

What methods do I use?

The methods that I use depend on the needs of the client.  I try my best to be aware of cultural preferences and allergies or sensitivities.  I start off the session with a client interview to see what your intention and needs are for your space.  Some clients may be having paranormal activities.  Some may feel a heaviness or “bad vibes”.  Others may have just moved into a new space and be wanting a fresh start.  Each situation calls for a different solution.  If I deem sage is appropriate, it is more than just waving smoke around with intention.  Sage can leave a sterile vacuum, so the house then needs to be blessed.  I go through the house, room by room, changing the overall energy as I go.  In the case of paranormal activity, I can successfully remove the entity/ energy and set up protection barriers to keep your home and family safe.  I may place a Brighid’s Cross above your door to ward off fire, evil and hunger.

Sage is not always the appropriate method, especially if clients have allergies, or if the client or myself is on their “moon” cycle.  Other alternatives are Florida water, holy spring water, frankincense, sound, light, chanting, and several other techniques.

How often should a house be cleansed?

Many clients wish their home to be cleansed and blessed before they move in.  This is always a good idea, to clear away the old tenants, and make room for you to have a fresh start.  At minimum, a house should be cleansed annually.  It is also recommended to do a cleansing and blessing after any traumatic event, like a break up, death in the family, illness, job loss, or argument.  Such events can leave lingering energies in the house, and a good cleansing or blessing clears out the old and welcomes new, fresh, positive energy into your home.

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