Answers From Your Ancestors

I’ve been quite hesitant in the past to call myself a medium in the capacity of a tarot reader.  The word felt like a lot of pressure.  But I recently acquired a new EVP meter, and combined it with tarot to get some really amazing results.  Not only is the accuracy blowing me away, but the healing impact on the lives of my clients is simply astounding.


EVP stands for Electro Voice Phenomenon.  Through this device, words and phrases are picked up, and are thought to be associated with spirit activity.  Sometimes I get meaningful words.  On a few occasions, my grandmother and brother have spoken to me.  Other times I get nonsense, or at least, nothing that makes sense to me.  And then sometimes I get words or phrases intended to scare me, but that usually just makes me roll my eyes.  It’s clear that, in using this device, like a talking board, it is not a 101 activity.

I have given two of these readings so far.  Both had results that were powerfully meaningful to the client.  In the first one, the client was researching her heritage.  I was able to come up with names and dates that matched the research that she was doing. Also, how her ancestors can help her with her current goals.  In the second one, the client was interested in connecting with a loved on who had recently passed away.  Names came through of other family members. The personality of the lost loved one showed through clearly.  The client was profoundly moved, and in closing, had a plan to heal and move forward.  I was so honoured to be a part of such a moving and profound moment.

The Process:

So, I have decided to offer this service as a regular compliment.  This is only offered in person, in my tarot room.  I start and end each session with a banishing ritual known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Then, a brief guided cleansing meditation.  This sets the right state for the reading and cleans up any residual energy, either from the outside daily stresses, or other spirits trying to take part.  This also ensures the safety and focus of both myself and the client.  I turn on the EVP and draw the 10 card Celtic Cross tarot spread.  The opening and closing rituals are part of the hour session.  In that time I can do several spreads, depending on the questions being asked.

Dealing with Grief and Emotions:  

Understandably, clients can find this an emotional experience.  It’s okay to cry.  There’s lots of Kleenex.  My ethical standpoint is to always be honest, but leave you better than how I found you.   I take the time and care to make sure that they are okay before you leave.  I see this service about healing- healing from grief, and healing generational wounds.  It is a responsibility not taken lightly.

This service is priced at the same rate as my other tarot reading sessions. I am offering one hour sessions at $80 at this point.  To book your session and connect with your ancestors, click on “Book a reading”.


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