About Me

About Me

Hello! My name is Caroline Ironwill.  I have been reading tarot for most of my adult life. Tarot is my passion, purpose and drive. My clients include A-list Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and YouTube influencers. 

I have a degree in psychology from Western University, and a background in healthcare, and I am a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Healthy Wealthy and Wise coaching program.  I feel most happy when I am empowering people, and making a tangible positive difference in their lives. Tarot allows me to support my clients in a meaningful way to work past their barriers and live life to their fullest. I always do my best to exercise compassion and integrity towards my clients.

Other services that I provide include tasseomancy (tea leaf readings), dream analysis, palmistry, custom spell writing,  house/ object cleansings and blessings, hypnosis, and end of life spiritual care.  I am always learning new things and adding to my repertoire of services.

I have recently relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, but come back to London on Tuesdays to see clients.  Skype appointments are also available.

In my spare time, I enjoy textile arts, gaming, gardening, hiking, blogging and making mead, as well as urban homesteading.

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